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Our Services

Building brand experiences that are beautifully picturesque, highly aesthetic, and efficiently functional.


Understanding the competitive environment around you to navigate your way toward better branding is on us.

Branding Strategy

Hogoco can help you with the voice that your business needs and help you reap the domain authority you’re looking for.

Mobile Apps

Giving your idea the life-like look and feel it deserves with functional UI/UX designs is what we’ll do for you.


Improved user experience, better functionality & overall efficiency of the design can all be leveled up with our expertise.

Motion Graphics

Our experts have all the resources in hand and will unleash their creativity to offer the best solutions.


Our artists are all diversely experienced in various forms of illustrations and can work on commissioned pieces.

Design Systems

We’ll ensure that your branding is consistent across various mediums and follows a thematic approach in everything you design and develop!

Logo Design

Build your brand with logos with unique, impactful designs that resonate.Combining creativity and simplicity to for brand identity and impression.

Graphic Design

Visual storyteller crafting compelling graphic designs. Expert in Adobe Creative Suite. Passionate about creating impactful visuals that resonate.



& Strategy

Any design you develop and bring to life with us will be a product of tenuous market research. This is because no amount of aesthetics can make your design performatively efficient if it does not resonate with your end-users. Making your designs visually pleasing and your content appealing on an overall scale is something we can help you bring about with our extensive field research before we dig any deeper.

We’ll focus on everything from your cost, time-to-market, the competitive climate around, design trends, and branding evolution you need to keep in touch with the demands of the future.

Experience Mapping

Understanding what your users want is what we’ll do for you first. Strategizing accordingly happens next.

UX Audit

User experience is what we pay close attention to at the base of everything we do.

User Personas

Charting out audience personas and making the most out of your designs to suit them is what we’re experts at.

Market Testing

The viability of your design matters over the appealing look and feel. We’ll focus on just everything necessary.


Error anticipation and possible recuperation strategies to ensure there are no delays or back and forth.

Content Strategy

End of the day, you’re designing anything to deliver your content better. This will be our primary focus throughout.

Brain Storming

We’ll sit down with you to hear your ideas out and pour in our creative inputs to arrive at the best outputs.

Usability Testing

The viability of the market and usability of your functional designs is a crucial components that we’ll pay maximum attention to.

UX Research

Present your consumers with a seamless experience through designs that communicate your brand essence.

Surveys & Analytics

With informed decisions that are powered with rich data insights, we’ll provide you with designs that are fail-proof.

Craft A Thoughtful Experience With Us!


A human-centered design is important to reach the business end goals that you’re focusing on. You ideally need to curate designs that augment a smooth user experience. When you onboard Hogoco, we’ll first listen to your story and come up with a strategy that will reflect this better across any desired social medium. We’ll present you with a blended experience where you integrate the combined power of human behavior analysis and information architecture to result in designs that resonate with the end users better.

Translating even the simplest of ideas to the wildest of design outputs that will sweep your customer off their feet is where the Hogoco magic happens.


Leave an impact and make your story heard.

Whoever you might be or however well-built your brand might stand in the market, without forming a lasting connection with your audience, you’ll crumble to the ground in no time. And this right here is where the power of branding comes into play. Leveling up on the digital front is not easy with the cut-throat competition around. Hogoco Studio can help you position your brand message a cut above the rest with our exclusive designs that are curated from scratch for you. Your design should ideally reflect these

Creating Brand Identity by

Logo Design

Being a brand ourselves more than being a company, we understand how important your logo can be. We’ll hook our designs with your vision the right way and help you stand out. Curating brand logo designs that are in line with the latest trends while also expressing your vision better is what Hogoco will do for you.

Colour Scheme

The theme you choose for your branding and business identity can tell a lot about you. Our experts will brainstorm and pick your colour palette that will convey your story the best way. Attracting your customers on a visual and psychological level is something a colour scheme can bring about. Not to forget how much they add up to your brand recognition.


The font styles and themes you choose will help you with better hierarchy, brand recognition, and legibility with any graphic design. It can help you set the overall tone that can further help you achieve any objective you set out with. Font styles are central to any and every form of design. Not to forget the aesthetic essence they deliver. 

Branding Posters

A touch of sophistication, added sense of aesthetics, a blend of style, and striking outcomes are what posters should b all about. They should resonate with your brand persona with crisp uniformity while also ringing your core message loud and clear. This is what the experts of Hogoco can cook up for you and help achieve any objective of your posters.

Social Media Posts

Social media algorithms are ever-changing. Be it any form of content for any medium, we can help you create designs with an audience-first approach. This will make your offerings stand out from the crowd and build yourself a loyal following with consistent effort. Be it infographics, topical content, reels that will exponentially take off, professional posters, or creative graphic designs, we can help you meet all your desired objectives.

Magazine/ Media posts

Be it any market including entertainment, fashion, or even business magazines, we can help you with designs that are curated to instantly catch the eye and hold the attention of your audience throughout. Brochures resonate with a persona of their own, we can help you with designs that meet the exact vision that you explain to us.

Business Cards

Business cards are no more the same. With QR codes and other interactive elements, they now symbolize a part of your business and what you stand for with a personality of their own. We can help you with designs that any contact of yours would want to hold on to for the unique touch they bring to the picture.

ID Cards/Letter Heads

Be it any business organization, we can help you design your ID cards or Letter Heads in a unique format that is also in line with your branding principles. Making you stand out and be recognizable is what we’ll pay added focus to in every design that we put out. Our experts are here to ensure that your designs are as best as they can get.


Mobile app

User Interface Design

It is important that you come up with interfaces that are curated to be exactly in line with the expectations of your end user and the preferences of your market. With strategic design principles, we’ll help you with functional outputs that are brought to life to meet your business end goals. Hogoco is where it can get just better!

User Experience Design

Conveying your core message without any distractions is what any design that you put out should be all about. User experience is one of the core factors that can make or break your market standings. We’ll help your customers feel at home with the designs you curate for your branding purposes through an improved sense of recognition.


No matter the vertical you’re focusing on or the target audience you’re chasing after, testing the viability of your application idea and understanding the market is important if you want to thrive and come out on top. We’ll employ all the tools and technologies we have at our disposal to curate designs that are performance-driven.


Keeping you in the loop of the entire design cycle is something we’ll follow. This is to avoid any back and forth while also keeping you informed about every last happening in the project. We’ll also present you with functional prototypes every step along the way for you to have a first-hand experience of the look and feel before the final product is rendered.

Stratergy Maping

The strategy should be action-oriented, in other words, it should be capable to offer you unique insights and a step-by-step plan of how to better your product. At Hogoco, we can help you with just the better outputs by envisioning the end-to-end of your designs in prior. We’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground to make happen everything you’re looking at.     

User Flow

We are a design company dedicated to creating timeless UI/UX solutions for your business. We work with clients at all stages of their development, from the beginning of their idea to the final stage of production. Our team will map the entire user journey by paying keen attention to both the technical and aesthetic side of the end product design.

Information Architecture

Build effective information architecture for your designs with our quick and cost-effective service. The company’s effective work of more than 10 years has made it possible to create a top-quality product that aims to improve methodology, toolkit, and process of design solutions. Be it any application, we’ll take complete care.


The process of creating an icon is simple but requires careful planning. You’ll need to think about the message you want to convey, in order to create something that will resonate with your audience. You’ll also need to consider how you want the icon to look and feel so that it doesn’t feel like just another design element on your website.

App Illustrations

If your mobile app is looking a little drab, it might be time to give it some help. We can help you create a custom illustration for your mobile app that will make it look as great as new! We have experience working with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms, so we can bring your ideas to life no matter what platform you want to develop.

Visual Elements

We understand that designing a mobile app can be tricky, but we also know that it doesn’t have to be. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas, through design and development, to testing and launching your app. We’ll make sure every one of your visual elements looks great on all devices and platforms!

iOS App

Be it any iOS application that you’re looking to build with efficient and cutting-edge design interfaces, we can help you with the latest ground knowledge that we have and deploy them all to present you with the best solutions. Our team is highly skilled, knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions.

Custom Applications

Leave all your custom application worries. We can help you with designs that are driven by better engagement, conversion rates, and overall improved user satisfaction. Helping your clients develop a biased liking for the products you offer is something our designs will focus on. Talk to us today to get started on your design right away

Web Design

Web Designs

We don’t just design for today’s devices – we design for tomorrow’s too! We use futuristic tools and technologies to offer you designs that are cutting-edge and performant

UI/UX designs

Presenting you with new-age solutions that are crisp and catchy is what we strive for. As an added cherry on top, you’ll also have better aesthetic essence in our designs.

Web applications

We make use of powerful design software, techniques, and skills to arrive at the perfect solutions for your web application designs.

Web Responsive

With Hogoco, you’ll never have to worry about your site going down or getting flagged by Google again! Our designs will be responsive and offer an enriched customer experience.


We never stop thinking about how to create better designs for our clients. Our primary wireframes will always push boundaries and explore new ways to do things.

Web prototyping

Making sure that your prototypes give you a clear functional picture of the site before you even get into your development phase is on us.

Mobile responsive

We create designs that work efficiently on all devices, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones, without compromising the quality of the end product.

Motion Graphics

From inception to conception to refinement, we are your one-stop solution for availing of motion graphic services. From business analysts to visual designers, prototypers to QA testers, you’ll be learning about users more than ever before with our designs that are functionally effective!

Our team consists of some of the best talents in the industry bringing artistic vibes, skills, and experience together to present you with motion graphic design solutions like nowhere else.




Helping you with crisp design elements that will help you showcase your number games better is on us.

Vector Illustrations

Be it any wildest or most creative idea that you need a little push with, we can help you bring them to life.

Character Illustrations

Have a custom illustration requirement for which you need expert artists? You’re just in the right place!

Visual Elements

Giving you the right visual appeal for any of your design outputs is what we’re experts at.

Freehand Digital Illustration

Nothing can beat a good pen and paper scribble that’s brought to life digitally. We can help you with this.

Product Illustrations

Showcase your products a class above the rest by illustrating them innovatively.

Typographic illustration

Be it any logos or branding requirements that you need typography for, we can help you through.

Brand illustration

Creatively stand out from the cut with brand illustrations that meet your artistic vision.

Design System

Value of Design System

If you’re looking for a UI/UX company that can help you create a brand-new design system, we’re here to help. Our services are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses across the globe. We’ve been working with clients of all sizes for years, and we know how to bring a fresh perspective to even the most challenging projects. We work with you to identify your goals and needs, then we create a design framework system that will help you achieve them.

Design System
Design System
Design System
Design System