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A design system is a collection of rules to create designs in a similar way, following the same pattern and guidelines. They use established components to create a common visual language, ensuring cohesion and consistency across the brand. This helps users understand how things should look and makes it easier for them to navigate through your website or app.

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Design System Process

1. Achieving desired UX quality & consistency

It’s hard to estimate the actual number of users one can lose when the UX is bad. But the number can be huge. An inconsistent UX can make your product or service worthless and can bury your company among the crushing competition all around. Consistency is a key principle of designing for UX. The longer a product is on the market, the bigger the problem of UX becoming inconsistent.

With established design systems, you can supplement your designs with proper principles, frameworks, and regulations for better overall optimization throughout to achieve the desired ROI that you set out for.

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2. Infographic designs

As your organization grows, it becomes more important to have a centralized design system. This repository of information and guidelines helps everyone stay on the same page, ensuring consistency across all projects. By investing in an enterprise design system, you improve communication and collaboration between departments, deepen employees’ understanding of your brand, and save time in the long run.

And this holds true especially for infographics to better dissect your data with all the more room for better visualization.

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3. Icon Illustrations

Design systems are not just a set of specs that developers use on projects. They differ from regular guidelines in that they are dynamic and modular. This means that they can easily support agile methodology and improve development efficiency for teams.

When you integrate an enterprise design system into what you’re building, design updates that once sat in a backlog can now be applied easily to all products. For example, maybe you need to change the color of a button across different versions of your app. With a design system, you can make the necessary change once and it will be pushed to all the associated projects automatically. There’s no need to waste devs’ time manually coding a new button color for each channel or device. Our design system services might just be your way out of mediocrity when it comes to your branding objectives.

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4. Conceptual Illustration Designs

When it comes to illustrations, the underlying idea is what you should be focusing prominently on. As you develop the idea, integrating it artistically to arrive at a final end-product would just be easier if you have established design system frameworks where you can choose everything from the art style to the colour pallete that you’re bound to use.

Ensuring consistency in the approach even with your creative inclination is what the design systems that we instill in place are going to be all about.

Conceptual Illustration Designs

5. Unique Illustrations

Our illustrators have a wealth of experience with a range of styles that can bring your brief to life. With a well-managed design framework, we can meet all the branding demands across any medium to the fullest potential in shorter durations.

We have worked on custom pieces for a lot of business verticals and we can meet your vision just right once you hire Hogoco on board!

design system services

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.”

Rexon Daniel

Managing Director

Hire Our Design Systems Agency!

Speed Up The Design Process

A properly implemented system can save considerable time in the designing process. In addition, it allows designers to focus more on the planning and functionality of new features or screens, rather than on the visuals.

Designs That Are Performance Driven

Our design systems are driven by insights, creativity, and the idea of making you stand out in the congested market. We curate designs that will make your branding efforts all the more visible, credible, and attractive.

Adds A Touch Of Consistency To Your Products

Design systems help to create consistency across different screens and interfaces. For example, call-to-action buttons are always styled the same way and placed in the same spot. This makes it easy for users to find what they need. menus work in a consistent manner, so users never feel lost.

Meeting All The Desired Objectives

A structured framework in place makes the entire effort streamlined and you’ll arrive at designs that are functionally strong while also retaining uniformity in terms of branding. If you’re looking to meet your ROI demands, Hogoco is your one-stop solution!

If you’re still unsure, a design system is a set of reusable components with clear documentation that can be configured and leveraged by front-end developers and designers to build applications and digital experiences. A design system should continually evolve to house all design elements like typography, brand colors, icons, layouts, and more. This can then be used as a framework for any project ensuring that all components are up to date and meet brand standards.


Design systems are usually created by a team of designers and developers that collaborate to create a set of rules that govern how an interface should look and behave.

Absolutely yes, it can help you revamp your entire design system in no time by instilling a standard framework to fall back on.

The system framework is first established and then used by other designers and developers to build new interfaces that are consistent with the rest of the system. This uniformity is everything you need to improve your brand recognition among your users.

Hogoco is a full-fledged creative agency that can offer you end-to-end assistance in the areas of branding designs, UI/UX designs of websites, mobile apps or web applications, motion graphics, design systems and illustrations.

One thing Hogoco stands for is 100% client satisfaction. And hence, our quotes are justified in the value they bring to the table and we’re also market-competitive in our pricing.