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Mobile App UI/UX Design

It’s important to remember that even if your app is a perfect fit for the market, it doesn’t mean that it will sell. The key is to have a mobile app UI UX design strategy that will attract the attention of your end-users and build a sense of connection with your designs and interface. There are many moving parts to consider in mobile application design, and each of these elements requires different skills. This right here is why you need to put a lot of time and effort into designing a good-looking and functional user interface for your mobile app.

mobile app UI UX design

Our Mobile App UI/UX Process

1. Setting the scope

Setting the right scope for your project and working to set up a definitive end goal right from the get-go is what we’ll prioritize first. Setting up timelines, curating a design strategy, remarking project milestones to achieve at agreed intervals, analyzing all constraints involves, and seeing the bigger picture through the lens of the business is what we’ll do for you when you hire our UI UX design studio. And why do we go through this phase? Well…

mobile app UI UX design company

2.Understanding the expectations

Making better sense of the project requirements in terms of understanding the design expectations and the business end goals is something we’ll do right from the initial sales conversations to ensure that we’re both on the same page. Tying the project’s outcome back to business objectives and showing key results that will help support those objectives is what we’ll strive for.
Understanding the expectations

3. User Experience Design

We’ll design and refine all your app designs based on user needs and behaviors. We’re here to create human-centered designs by incorporating all the principles of usability engineering, and clearly envisioned design strategies for creating interfaces that are not just technically feasible but also easy to understand and enjoy! When you hire our mobile app UI UX design company, we’ll do these for you:

User Experience Design

4. Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the process of organizing information for better feasibility and understanding. IA is the foundation of any successful project because it helps you understand the needs and goals of your users. It helps you structure your project in a way that is easy to understand and use by everyone.
Information Architecture

5. Strategy Maping

When you onboard our mobile app UI UX design services, we’ll present you with a strategy that comprises a detailed plan to align a company’s brand identity with the desired user experience at every customer touchpoint. To be most effective, this plan should be in place before design even begins.

The purpose of strategy mapping is to identify the key outcomes (or goals) for a project or business challenge you’re facing; then outline all possible ways of achieving those outcomes. The goal here isn’t just about “what” you want but also “how.” A strategy map helps guide our thinking as it narrows down potential solutions based on industry trends and customer needs. And this right here is why we present all our clients with timeless solutions time and again.

Strategy Maping

6. User flow Of Mobile App

Charting a flow of things for your end-user journey with your mobile application is crucial. This will make your app more user-centered and gives them what they’re exactly looking for. This can also potentially increase your sales prospects and enable a seamless user experience. Hogoco will help you with exceptional mobile UI UX designs that fit perfectly well and take your ROI a level above.

User flow Of Mobile App

7. App UX Wireframes

Wireframes are the foundation for the design of your mobile application. They’re a visual representation of how users will interact with your app, and they’re used to communicate design ideas and concepts to stakeholders. Wireframes can also be referred to as mockups or rough sketches. We revolve our efforts around this to majorly keep you in the design loop and give you a functional look and feel of the product during all the elementary stages of design.
App UX Wireframes

8. mobile App UI Design

When you hire us for your mobile app UI UX design in Bangalore, we’ll work on UI designs that are simple yet concrete in pushing your message. We’ll present you with solutions that are intuitive and as efficient as they can be. By paying close attention to the target audience, market viability, and consumer preferences, we’ll design for the users to gain maximum value and experience easy usability with your application.

mobile App UI Design

9. Visual elements

Designing visual elements (icons and buttons) is one of the most important parts of your app. This is because these elements are what users will interact with most often, and they need to be simple, clear, and memorable. Buttons should have a clear label above them that describes exactly what action occurs when tapped. All these will make the interface more personalized to offer your users a better experience altogether.

Visual elements

10. Iconography

Iconography is an important factor that influences customer behavior and marketing campaigns. It is an essential part of the company’s branding. An iconic logo design can help a business attract potential customers and communicate its identity to the world. A well-designed logo is the face of a company, and it should be appropriate for their industry. We can help you get it right on the first go.


11. Mobile App illustrations

The home screen is the first thing you see when you open an app and it’s where all your most important actions happen. This is where you’ll find all your app’s icons, logo, and name—and it also serves as a shortcut for accessing common features like Search or Settings.

To make sure that users can easily access these features, we recommend using icons (or buttons) in place of text labels. Illustrating this entire framework to perfection for better interaction in your mobile app UI UX design is on us!

Mobile App illustrations

12. Mobile App Animation

Animations and transitions are an important part of the user experience. They help to bring life to your app, making it more fun and engaging. When designing animations, you should consider how they will work on different devices as well as with different screen sizes.

Mobile App Animation

13. Mobile App Prototype

Prototypes are essential to the design process. They can be used to test how a user will interact with the product, and how they will respond to it. The prototype should also allow the team to create an experience that is both functional but also has all of the visual assets necessary for testing. The final product may be quite different from what was prototyped, but by using prototypes as a way of iterating on designs early on in your process you’ll save yourself time later down the line when it comes time to launch your app or website!

Mobile App Prototype

14. Mobile App Testing

Testing is a big part of the mobile app UX design process. Testing your app on real devices, in browsers, and with real users is essential to getting it right. It is also important because it helps you make sure your app works as expected—and that people will actually use it as they deem fit to their liking and have easier usability!

Mobile App Prototype

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.”

Rexon Daniel

Managing Director

Benefits Of A Well-curated Mobile App UI/UX Design

Improve Overall Interaction Rates

Your mobile application is an extension of your brand. It’s not just a marketing tool or a way to sell products and services, it can also be used to promote company news, events, and offers. Your audience will love being able to interact with the app in different ways. And for all of these, the foundational aspect comes down to the design.

Secure A Competitive Edge

If you are looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve, then you need to curate mobile app UI UX designs that are in line with the expectations of your target market. A well-curated mobile application design will provide value to your customers by providing them with information that is relevant, useful, and timely.

Be Visible To Customers At All Times

Your app should be available on all platforms, including mobile devices and desktops. Your customers want to be able to access it whenever they need it, so make sure that you have the right number of screens and features in place for them to do so easily. Responsive designs are what you need to channel the whole effort in the right direction.

Create A Direct Marketing Channel

You can use your mobile app to create a direct marketing channel that is specific to the customer. Customer data can be collected, stored, and used to send targeted messages at any time. The channel can be used for sending messages on a variety of topics, such as new products or special offers, but it’s also ideal for sending out notifications as your deem fit.

Provide Value To Your Customers

As a business owner, you want your customers to engage with your brand. A well-curated mobile application design will help improve customer engagement and make it easier for them to do so.  A user experience that is easy and intuitive makes it more likely that users will engage with content and make them more likely to buy from you!

Improve General Product Enthusiasm

Only with designs that are curated to be top-notch, you can chase after the target audience you set out for and interact with them seamlessly. The word-of-mouth prospects that can blow up your application among the masses would also be possible only when your design resonates with them perfectly.


We are here to make a difference in terms of perfecting your UI/UX like never before. Helping you with better overall conversion rates and audience interaction is what this effort is going to be all about. 

We are a bunch of innovators. Rethinking your design requirements and presenting you with solutions that are futuristic is what we are best at. Keeping your brand in line with the changing trends around is our responsibility. 

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