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Web App UI/UX Design

Looking for a company that can present you with impeccable web application UI/UX designs? You’re in the right place. Hogoco can help you redefine your brand presence online with our performance-driven creative design output. Be it your websites, landing pages, or web applications, we can seamlessly meet your end business goals with visuals that are attractive, appealing, and all the more persuasive. There are a lot of moving parts that you should pay attention to and they might require thorough market experience. This is where our 9+ years of industrial experience comes into play and offer you seamless solutions.

web application UI UX design

Our Web App UI/UX Process

1. Setting the objective straight

When you hire our web app UI UX design studio, we’ll set the right scope for your project and work to develop a definitive end goal right from the get-go. We’ll also create timelines, curate a design strategy, remark on project milestones to achieve at agreed intervals, analyze all constraints involved, and see the bigger picture through the lens of the business. But why go through these extensive procedures? Well…

Setting the objective straight

2. Matching the expectations and business end-goals

We’ll discuss the project requirements and expectations right from the start so we can both be clear on the deliverables that we set out for. When we reach the final stages of design, our goal is to keep changes to a minimum and ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Matching the expectations and business end goals

3. Web App User Experience Design

We’ll create human-centered designs by incorporating the principles of usability engineering into our web application UI UX designs. We’re here to make sure your interfaces work for people and not just for machines or algorithms. With an added focus on market research and understanding the trends pertaining to the present and the future, we’ll curate designs that are timeless. Here’s where our expertise is going to be of maximum assistance:

User Experience Design

4. Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of organizing your data streams and information for better usability & overall understanding. Any successful project needs a solid foundation in IA because it helps you understand the needs and goals of your users. IA helps you structure your project in a way that is easy to use for everyone.

Information Architecture

5. Strategy Maping

Our web application UI UX design services will help you align your brand identity with the desired user experience at every customer touchpoint. This strategy should be in place before design even begins. The purpose of strategy mapping is to identify the key outcomes (or goals) for a project or business challenge you’re facing; then outline all possible ways of achieving those outcomes. A strategy map helps guide our thinking as it narrows down potential solutions based on industry trends and customer needs. And this right here is why we present all our clients with timeless solutions time and again.

Strategy Maping

6. User Flow Web UI/UX Design

For your web application/websites, charting out a flow of things for your end-user journey is crucial. This will make your app more interactive, and easy to use and give them what they’re exactly looking for. This can also potentially increase your sales prospects, making it easier to sell more. Hogoco will help you with exceptional web application UI/UX designs in Bangalore that fit perfectly well and take your ROI a cut above the rest.

User Flow Designing

7. Wireframes

Wireframes are the foundation because they can decide the way your website development is going to trace. They’re a visual representation of how users will interact with your portals. You can also effectively communicate your ideas to key stakeholders with these mock-up designs before the development process begins. The idea of wireframes is to understand how legible your content representation is going to be and give you a picture of the output prior. We’ll assist you with

8. Web Application UI Design

We are a web application UI UX design company in Bangalore that can help you with convincing narratives through our designs. Helping you push your core message across with intuitively curated user interfaces is what we’re experts at. We’ll also research extensively the market trends and consumer behavior to design interfaces that will speak to the heart of your customers. Optimizing your user journey and maximizing the value they reap from your content is what our predominant focus is going to be. We’ll help you with

UI Design

9. Forms, CTAs, and other actionable items

Designing your visual elements effectively is how you prompt your users to take the actions you want them to on your website. All these are what make your website an interface of two-way communication rather than simply pushing what you have to say across. It is thus necessary that they’re all labeled right and positioned in a distinguishing manner for easy recognition. Personalizing these is something we’ll focus on for a better overall user experience altogether.

Forms, CTAs, and other actionable items

10. Iconography

Any web application UI UX design should be accompanied by proper iconography. This will make the application more recognizable on the first look and drastically improve brand values. Communicating your identity in a way that people will remember is what your entire design strategy should revolve around. We’ll achieve these for you:  


11. Web Application illustrations

Be it any web application interface that you curate, you need to make them visually interactive and interesting. For example, all your loading screens that connect your user from one page to other interlinked pages should have creative illustrations that will keep the customers hooked even in the meantime. Even all your infographics or other text-heavy content can be broken down with illustrations that accompany them.

App illustrations

12. Animation

Transition screens bridging one page to the other is one of the areas where there are a lot of user dropouts. This might be because of the load times. In order to get rid of this, you can simply integrate these areas with engaging transitions. You should also make this animation responsive to work seamlessly across any device or platform.  

Mobile App Animation

13. Prototypes

Understanding how your users interact with your product or design is something you should know before launch. This is where prototypes come into play. An interactive user experience is a key to aiding better conversion rates. Prototypes create functional assets that would be useful for further market testing and iterations during the final stages of development.


14. Testing

The final part of your application design ends here. Testing your application’s design across devices to gauge their responsiveness and make any alterations as necessary is something Hogoco will seamlessly do for you. Not to mention, they help you to identify if your applications work as expected. Develop a better overall liking and enable improved application usability.


“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.”

Rexon Daniel

Managing Director

The Web UI/UX Design Agency You Can’t Say No To!

Create A Digital Salesperson

The purpose of curating designs by paying attention to all the details is to make your interface self-sufficient to sell your product/ service. Creating a direct marketing channel should be your primary goal with any UI UX that you curate. And this is what we will help you with as your design partner by deploying our new-age methods and round-about design experience.

Securing A Competitive Edge

Web application UI UX design curated with a sense of purpose will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your offerings relevant to the target segment that you’re chasing after. Providing value to your customers should be the purpose of any visual element that you integrate. And this is going to take a lot of market research and target audience understanding which we can help you with.

Cost-efficient Solutions

Your ROI is what we majorly focus on. At Hogoco, we believe that customer satisfaction is what will help us run our business sustainably while also helping us grow our business relationships. We offer this by providing quotations that justify the work involved and also present you with realistic expectations of returns before you even kickstart your project with us.

Establish Uniform Branding

The more recognisable your designs are, the better will be your brand memory among your customer base. This involved everything from your colour palette, design themes, or font styles. It is thus necessary that when you design important portals or websites for your business, you hire someone who can add a uniform branding essence to these interfaces.


Anyone with basic design knowledge can help you design an interface. But only someone with detailed experience and subject-matter expertise can help you come up with UI/UX designs that will drive better overall engagement, interaction, and conversion.


Yes, we are 100% competitive with the market pricing but also present you with quality outputs with absolutely no compromises.


The trends are constantly evolving. It is ideal that you curate a design with a company that is innovative like ours to avoid this situation by making your designs futuristic.


White spaces, clinging on to minimalism, removing any distractions that will limit the user journey and better overall readability or usability are some of the factors you should pay more focus to.


Simply start a conversation with us and let us in on your requirements. We’ll present you with strategic solutions that might surprise you!


At Hogoco, we have an extensive team of resourceful professionals who are simply the best at keeping their promises. We’ll present you with realistic deadlines during the initial sales conversations and always keep track.