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From its initial inception five years ago, Hogoco has been helping brands with strong design frameworks that can help them accelerate towards quantifiable business goals. We are one of the most reputed UI/UX design company in Bangalore that works in collaboration with the latest tools and technologies.

What Do We Do In UI/UX?

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UI/UX design services

Our UI/UX Design Process

We Plan

Visualising a design and envisioning what your finished product needs to interact better with your customers is something we’ll pay close attention to as a part of the planning process before arriving at a dynamic design strategy.

We Research

Doing a thorough background analysis and understanding everything from the market appetite, business goals, consumer preferences and the design analysis of your competitor products are all something we’ll do for you as your UI/UX design company.

We Sketch

Multiple simulations of the end product through low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes are sketched first to understand what components fit better to make your design front more engaging is what we’ll do in this stage.

We Design

Prototypes, mock-ups and wireframes are designed to perfection here with room for rapid iterations according to your feedback and inputs. All the visual elements of your product are designed in line with the best industrial practices to present the right essence of aesthetics while also making the entire design functional.

We Develop Prototypes

Making sure you’re given first-hand experience with our design with an end-to-end visual representation through functional prototypes is something we’ll do for you.

We Test

Testing the viability of our designs and understanding if they seamlessly fit in with the order of the trends and preferences around is what we’ll do next before we deliver the finished product to you.

We Refine

Ensuring that your ideas are all incorporated while also ensuring their fit with the market conditions and how well they can engage your end user are all the standards we’ll test our design against and make any fine-tuning adjustments as necessary. We are a UI/UX design studio that you can trust!

Choose Us?

Extensive Resources

UI UX design studio

Giving your idea the life-like look and feel it deserves with highly sophisticated designs that are also functionally efficient is something we can help you master. And how do we do it? Simple, we leave it in the hands of our team who are extremely qualified and are experts in the areas they handle. We deploy 2 years of hands-on experience for you as your UX design agency.

Exemplary work quality

Exemplary work quality

Designs curated with the purpose to convey your story better are everything you need. And this is everything that we offer through our UI design processes. By systematically approaching the concepts and designing them by paying close attention to all the details in every incorporated visual element, we make your entire effort stand out tall and loud in your respective vertical. We’ll deliver you with our services.

Exceeding Expectations

UI UX design agency

Being a UI/UX design agency in Bangalore that has become a go-to for SMEs and corporates alike to meet their design objectives, we are here to make your name remembered. Our branding services will rewire your business game altogether and help you immediately make a stand with your customers by building brand loyalty like no other. We’ll do this through:



One thing about doing business online is that you need to build a lot of credibility around your business and establish a huge brand value that will steer even the onlookers towards conversion. This holds true in the eCommerce segment which is why the aesthetics, trust-worthy presentation and overall functionality of your UI/UX matters more than you think!


The fashion segment is all about grabbing hyper-focussed attention among the general audience surpassing all the background noises from your competition around. The style that your brand reflects should be the persona that is consistent even across digital platforms, eCommerce stores or other mediums. And this is where Hogoco can bring our best game forward!

Media & Entertainment

Both the media and entertainment segments are rapidly flourishing with brand-new innovations happening each day. Breaking the existing market here is highly improbable with the cut-throat competition around. But nothing is impossible with a perfectly executed design strategy that is curated for better overall ROI. You know where to find us.

Virtual Channels

Build, develop and design creatively engaging and visually stunning portals or virtual channels with our design agency. We can help you with designs that are analytically backed to be functionally efficient while also being aesthetically top-notch. Contact our expert and discuss your project idea with us. We’re sure to leave you spellbound with the outcomes we’ll leave you with

Relationships With

Relationships with



Hogoco is a full-fledged creative UI/UX design company that can offer you end-to-end assistance in the areas of branding designs, website solutions, mobile apps or web applications, motion graphics, design systems and illustrations.

We are a bunch of innovators who are here to rethink any design requirement from a futuristic perspective to keep your branding relevant even if the times change and the trends evolve rapidly around you.

One thing Hogoco stands for is 100% client satisfaction. And hence, our quotes are justified in the value they bring to the table and we’re also market-competitive in our pricing.

Visual appeal is how you can sell yourself better. The more you establish your branding, the better will be your overall customer engagement, retention or even conversion rates. And all of this starts with designs that are appealing on the first look and persuasive as you glance through driving your customers towards doing business with you. We are the best UI UX design company in Bangalore that you can trust.

With well-researched design outputs, we can help your brand put on a creative outlook that instantly will be to the liking of your target segment. This way they’ll find your business more trustworthy and have a better connection with your brand over the others.

All it takes is a virtual cup of coffee and a meeting where we can understand your requirements and present you with our take on how we can make it happen for you. Oh, wait, the best part? Our UI UX design cost might simply surprise you. Are you up for it? Pick up your phone and get on a call with us right away!